recording of unconsciousness
with alice notley’s grave of light
hardcover and opened in my hands:
every winter dream
is 70 assumptions


maneuvering the new-smelling honda on imperial
f takes estuarize one step further:


purple statice
chuparosa bush
brittle bush
purple phacelia
and something tiny and peach/orange
lizards skittering and
one bird in the doghouse (aka the diamond shape of the fence)


although all that plastic scrap was sad
i kindof miss the washed up treasure


from here
we can see tijuana
from here, the border waves crashing
from here, we give our coordinates
and report all is clear
over and out


nestor united methodist church sign:
sunday message:
a sopping wet jesus


we discuss this tshirt over missing french fries:
this sissy survived basic training


tents lined up along
the i-5 ramps
rippling in wind


this moon is killing me
sharp bright slice
i dreamed you last night
no river but connected nonetheless


someone went looking for a
mistaken satellite and ended up here


it doesn’t matter that we’re slide-step-stepping
instead of step-step-sliding
(in fact, i prefer it)
this soft-soled whisking
this boot maneuvering
this strongarm and grace


what if
i assert
frankie and johnny were both boys


i wikipedia’d ‘kurdish iranian/iraqi’ last night
there is so much i don’t know
what i heard on track seven:
i see the ties of kinship are broken/
we are the timber laid out at the mill/
we ride through the fields and the valleys/
our bodies are burning and what does god save
he saves the fire/
vacation bible school tapwater and sadness
that’s where we’re from but i hope that we
did our best/
the world is not as big as disappointment
but it is more variously dressed/
i see the doors of heaven are closing
and i see there’s rifles close to your rising
but we are only pasted to to this landscape/
we are leaning in
but only to listen halfway


3 Replies to “estuarization”

  1. how fantastic! our crossovers!
    i wonder if you know the names for the plants i didn’t?
    and i also wonder if you ventured over to the ocean edge, as i’ve never seen it from that perspective… always a bit inland.

  2. I didn’t know the names of any of the plants. My friend was telling me he thought some might be the kind the provide barriers to fire(s). I’m not sure! Predominantly purple plants were what we saw, but there were also several others. We didn’t venture to the ocean’s edge – only as far as the bench, where you can see the egrets, pelicans, and ducks. My friend is a bird expert, and carried binoculars and a bird book. We saw 15 different species! We did talk about going over to the ocean side next time, as I really want to get close to the crashing waves. It’s hard to capture the feelings one gets there, but I think you do it splendidly!

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