poems without a single word in them

one dream:
i was arrested on the dock
(dock: white
water: that kind of unbelievable blue in photos of the tourist version cancún)
as if those late hours following livestreamed oakland
transported me
transcending the bounds of space and time
in the dream the jail was unlock any jail i have spent time inside in waking life
the doors, more permeable
(detainess slipping back in before the sun came up
like a teenager sneaking in through a screenless window)
the line for the bathroom not unlike honna and at
at la estrella in tijauna
purchase your toilet paper for 10 cents before you enter
and instead of being sectioned off
it was like a high school cafeteria
clumps of people gathered around each other
a kind of liveliness most likely not to be found
in a county jail
a kind of opposite of sterility

three wordless poems, haikus:
(click to enlarge)

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