eyes pinched closed against the sunlight

1. in the dream just as in waking life i am
reminded of the importance of water
in armageddon situations
in the dream i was
at shiz’s side as she came out
of her coma and minutes later
the man who rescued her off the outlet mall
pier edge arrived in his 8-person submarine pod
first time he and his crew had been above water in over a year
their eyes pinched closed against the sunlight
in the dream when it went dark out one window
while a flurry of riot cops with the help of a storm trooper attacked a mail carrier out the other window
most of us knew it was not
time for the sun to set
in the dream five of us were on a train arguing the outcome
one of us had been through this before
but like a person who refuses to spoil a movie plot for those who haven’t seen it yet
let us figure it out for ourselves

2. felipe takes off his sunglasses
reminds me
there are more ways to read a book than just from cover to cover
take borges, for instance, prefacing his writing on jame’s joyce’s ulysses
by admitting he hadn’t read the entire thing
(but enough to provoke questions /responses / critique)
he also says
i am my own school

3. christina’s hand resting on the hardcover library copy of
a lover’s discourse

4. while i hand over ten dollars for literary art
newsstand man asks
you on a bike?
i nod yes he says i thought i recognized that tattoo

5. rachel to alex in the kitchen
one of them leaned up against a door jamb
do you have any mansight into this?

6. c and f tell me about the film
the bible tells me so
which also happens to be a lyric from a song ami and i used
to sing on the count of three

7. page 88 of printed project #14
i underline in orange marker where heriberto yépez says

i think that once you turn ‘time’ into ‘space’, empire begins.
i define ’empire’ as a collection, a reordering, a decontextualization.

8. taylor besieged by farmstand visitors
her fabulous stick-on mustache eliciting joy
as if the stick-on mustache were wind and we are chimes
hung from front porch eaves

9. to be listed under the naive’s recommended viewing:
eilzabeth gilbert’s (yes, it’s true, author of eat pray love) ted talk
besides covering genius and creativity as collaboration with external forces
(akin to how it was approached in ancient greece and rome)
she also leaves us with:
it takes sheer human love and stubborness to keep showing up

10. after caleb meyer on repeat
there’s the i dreamed a highway lyric that goes
let me see the mark death made


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