a cleaving

1. it takes at least a half hour to phase into
day one
from rock-sleep

2. lauren, katy, shiz and i roll
out our mats parallel
to one another
perpendicular to the wall of windows filled with sun
and the treetops that filter it
flickering their leaves like fans

3. katy
60something and handstanding
silver braids pinned to the top of her head
(not so far removed from the character pippi longstocking)
i’ll meet you guys downstairs in a minute
she says
and we can start thinking about breakfast

4. what, you act like you were raised in a barn
shiz says
to the four goats
while we manuver wheelbarrows past their
cloven hooves

5. wheelbarrowing through grass patches
past clucks from the chicken coop
along the gravel path
past the rosebush
like a bull
this body is meant to work
i welcome my callousing hands
my strong arms

6. we build nests
out of scythed grass
fill them with layers of goat manure, earth, kelp, bone meal
before we lower
winter squash plants in

7. ADIDAS clubhouse meeting
three of us stripped down to our sportsbras in teh sun
each of us pulls the nine of bottles

8. sunsprawled after a series of sneezes i realize
a cleaving
what i was there
and what i am here
do not cross over

9. i prefer not to use the word ‘breaking’
about horses
i say ‘turning’ she says perched at the overpiled kitchen table