train pullin out of the station…

dear readers / friends/ comrades / followers / lovers / colleagues

i am headed out of town on a two week adventure

i am going to dip my toes in the icemelt rivers that made me
i am going to find stars in the sky again
i am going dive into the sea of radical queers around bonfires, inside tents, on front porches, in living rooms and sweaty dance floors
i am going to say hello to forestfulls of treebark moss and ferns so green it hurts waving in the cool mountain clean wind
i am probably going to get rained on
i am going to watch the sunset from a grassy perch that overlooks the trainyards and the columbia river
i am going to visit one version of home.

while i am away, i will be detail collecting analogue-style. posting when i can. and catching up upon my return.

in my absence, it might be a good time to contribute your own details (just click on the headings under ‘i believe in collaboration’ column at the right).

thank you for being with me
i will return