the gathering momentum

1. with a green hanky and a morning phonering
carry the spirit of fathers day
speaking the word papi
the way no one else could

2. whereupon taylor is included in the details
as if
we are spending realtime together
in today’s case
on the edge of a farmers market stand
dodging dangling plastic bags
is true

3. liz
even if we didn’t pathcross
i hope
you found the juiceman
that perhaps
you sucked down the sweetness
of mint
ice-cooled and quenchy

4. rachel and i
relocate our house meeting
to public park pool steps
where i eventually drape the scarf
over face
over eyes
while the rest of me melts into solar heat

5. in some places
in some places
in some places
overgrown yellow flower-weeds
in some places
sidewalk cement
in all places
i ran
birds lifting out of cricket-chirp fields
some patches
untouched by the long light

6. sunlight
edging in through bathroom window
through showercurtain
the last white glowburst
before sinking
orange and gold
how the sun bends around the building
to slip in this sliver of window
only later do i realize summer solstice is two days away

7. came across a photo featuring your foot
and didn’t recongize its 26 bones linked under skin
nor the curve of its toes
nor the skin itself
how is it
we magnetize until we are
climbing inside each other
against time
against the structure of language
against definition
(which is worth celebrating
that we give ourselves over to love
without fear
huge-hearted and present as we can)
yet nearly every lover i have inhabited
every lover i have become
pixelates into something other than known
is there a way we might ourselves from dividing like this
layers of mica peeling apart over time
maybe we are more than we know
which allows us to give selves away
maybe wholeness isn’t the point

8. in spain
the indignados
in greece
the gathering momentum
like the swell of an ocean wave

9. it’s true, corinne!
this is what it’s like when we talk art