for our mutual adoration of sky

1. for every animal we cross on the dirt/dust path
there is a symbol
lizard = contentment/contemplation/well-being
snake = transmutation
rabbit = fear
squirrel = gathering

2. they way you walk is great
phoebe says
but your right foot pronates
and before i know it
i am standing on a cement bench with my shoes off
while traces the helix of tension
from arch up along ankle
into hip joint

3. two tiny teaspoons of cang er zi tang
stirred into hot water teacup
plus a pinch of goldenseal
chinese herb scent eliciting the same kind of comfort that some people derive from a steaming bowl of chicken soup

4. over 1.300 peaceful protestors have been
killed in the streets of syria with
thousands more detained and tortured
despite this and the severe communications blackout, the syrian people
are still in the streets
the email states before it leads me here
which might be what sends me spiraling

5. and then there is the garlic
snipped from its perfect
curing/drying perch

6. for our mutual adoration of sky
and other details

7. i spend the day
in alphabetical order
to songs starting with f
(somewhere near ‘father figure”)
the grief over very ex lover
spilling expanding via
antony and the johnsons
otis redding
midnight oil

8. corinne tells me
about the end of the film (the polymath) with samuel delany
how he made the rule
that all of his students
must raise their hands
after he asks a question
and if he calls on one of them that doesn’t know the answer
they can respond
i am uncertain of the answer, professor delaney, but i defer to (point to another student) to answer the question
and this will go on
until one student
offers an answer

9. photodocuments in the inbox:
the bruise
the altar
the letting go
the summer feet
the blue food color contrail-split sky
the overgrowth
the slip n slide sleep over
more of the bruise
the fancy eye