full moon eclipsing in sagittarius

it’s a full moon eclipse
a good time to write intentions for the next six months
corinne tells me

(with a little manifestation on the side)

to find the forest within and beyond
to press hands to coolwet moss
to drop body into glaciermelt river water
to camp under the reaching of tree limbs
clothes infused with fire smoke
to rediscover stars, whole skyspills of them

to see projects/creations through with intention, focus and direction
to submit manuscripts which will be chosen for publication
to submit applications for residencies for which i will be chosen
to know/breathe/believe that i am capable

to unplug

to zoom in/out, orbiting around self and place in order to gain perspective

to speak spanish
to learn spanish
to explore language(s)
with determination the color of glitter

to build family up around me in san diego

to land in my body
to move in it
to connect through it
to sing
to fill whole rooms, buildings, cities, oceans with laughter
to become molten and contagious
to become a vessel of joy

to restore and build sanctuary

to release all struggles over being in only one place at one time
to release all struggles

to tour
with radical queer (and allies) community