like chamomile and i

1. determined to unkink a crimped neck
i roll out a teal yoga mat
as if yoga mat were red carpet
as if red carpet led the way to the musclemelt
of a dry sauna on a tuesday night in a forest of portland rain

2. kinda canyon that smells like chamomile and i still
don’t know the name of those yellow daisy-like wildflowers
scrambling uphill is often easier than running down
cool air curving over shoulders slips in under shirt sleeves soothes neck
it is only two miles
but two miles is more than none

3. seems a bit quiet in here for a saturday
i say
speak for yourself
he says back

4. sometimes your whiskey is my water
and not all thunderstorms happen in the sky

5. wrapped in grandma’s greenpurplepink afghan
student papers piled on pillow/desk
how the quiet in the house
is more quiet
when there are more of us in it

6. i take vanilla rooibos tea with my spanish quizwords
but this gutknot
a little like foodpoison
feels a little like a fever in my hands

7. message deficit
the mail carrier only came by
once today