1. i ask kaya to teach me about the soymilk maker
tossing in a cup of almonds and brown rice
i want to make smoothies
i say
oooh! i love it when  you’re not in school!
she responds

2. that purple flowering tree is called a jacaranda
and this one with the fluffy pink flowers is called a mimosa
and star jasmine is the stuff growing between the houses
i tell todd
as we climb the landis hill
towards 30th
sun and cool air on our skin

3. lester says
the zoo is definitely very animaly
lester says
what happeend to my frequent flyer program?
(while searching for his coffee punch card)
lester says
i love those pants
outside the cinema
about the woman’s cotton not baggy, not tight elastic waisted mostly white pants
which end somewhere between mid-calf and ankle
detailed with a parsian print (courtyard cafe’s, etc)
i used to have a pair of pants like that in fifth grade
i say
only they had flowers
not paris
on them

4. too much religiosity
the woman says
in my naivete
thought she was being naive
by using a word that’s not ‘really’ a word
(whatever that means anyway)
turns out though
there is no squiggle auto-correct line under that word
which is to say
it really is certified as an actual non-offending word

5. there was a whole field of sunflowers in that movie
do you know
do you know what that means?
i’ve been missing you for years
and now it is us
turning our heavy flower heads
to follow the sun as it carves its east-to west path
across the arc of june sky
(and you
the sun
the sun is you.)

6. i take a flipphone photo of
three light blue squares
painted on cream wall
just outside the elevator doors
then i take a photo
with jp and lester
in front of those squares
lester’s hair doing
some kind of poofy imposter
on camera

7. too many ‘moments
jp says
before a 24hour drive back to texas
so we have a non-moment on the
mp3 floor of the parking garage

8. it takes two cars
pulling out in front of me
before i finally yell at the third
though it is not clear
due to rolled up windows
and possible friday night jams blasting
whether or not they heard me
and this
san diego
is one reason
why i hate you
and this
san diego
is also one reason
why i walk most of the way home
boot-strutting down university
wheeling clyde beside me
which is one reason
i was able to have this
charged sly eye contact
with the young butch
in a pink? polo
who crossed my path
face metal glinting in night dark street light

9. (which is to say
it’s not even like i hate you consistently
san diego
or all the time
or even say the word ‘hate’ about you
because it’s not the case
but tonight
you pissed me off hard)