in the dream, poland

in the dream
i was visiting poland
saying muchas gracias instead of dzienkuje
i was getting off the bus down the hill from the flat i was renting with

some woman from england
where the bathroom floor angled down in a slant
in the dream i was getting off the bus leaving my backpack and keys behind
in the dream my mom and i were there together
in the dream
just down the hill from the flat
amish women
in white and gray
cotton dresses flapping in wind
hoes in their hands
leaned over dirt rows
in rows
gray barn in the distance
everything white and gray and soothing to look at
there was sun in the flat and the kitchen walls were sometimes painted yellow
for part of the dream i was exchanging childcare for room and board
that was before i discovered my flat mate was not a mother native to poland
but a fellow visitor
in the dream, though the flat was planted rural at the edge of the bus-line
something like tijuana was just down the road
flaking painted signs
late night yellow light against dark sky
smoke thick air and
all night storefronts
in the dream i had two chances
the first time i forget my backpack on the bus
the second time i called out for the driver to stop

happy 63rd birthday, mom
thank you for traveling with me