suggests fracture

shouldershaking while my tears
run slow and silent
in the true spirit of the naive
this performance leaves no gap
between embodied emotion
and performance
and for this
i deem the performers / choreographers

barefoot on the street runs up to our car
about to turn left
what are you asking for?
i ask from the back seat
a ride, to my house on cherokee street, i just got out of jail
i’m not wearing any shoes
i would do this for you if you asked

she says when i ask her name

and all is smooth
weightless even
i can see myself (or some kind of sister) in her face
until she points out her boyfriend walking down the sidewalk
leans over me and yells out the open window
hey, you motherfuking asshole

gen mai cha tea
steeped under three minutes
steaming something that
will get me up and over this end-of-quarter wall

kaya and i over stew that was not meant to be stew
plus the rice noodles we went on a mission for
discuss everything including the naivete of that mosaic mural on campus

the thought of you in a tank top on a maroon front porch
is enough to suggest the shape of your shoulders
which is enough

in portland:
a thunderstorm that never breaks
hot pink lightning suggests fracture while sky remains