in the process of callousing

B I R D S :
1. green parrot
belly squeaking
lands on neighbors frontyard tree while i suck down orange slices
on the front slab table
first time i have ever seen a (rewilded? escapee?) green parrot
2. fenceperched while i weedpull
softblack feathers and smallbodied
we seem to be enjoying each others presences
so much so that i wonder who you really are

P U B L I C   P O O L:
sign on locked doors reads
closed for lifeguard training
i wait for doris on palmtree-flanked steps

S E N S A T I O N :
palms of hands
in the process of callousing but still sore from yanking quack grass rhizomes
and stubborn arugula stems
from the garden beds
so that they actually look like
garden beds again
skin rough and sucked dry

F O O D :
first i eat ice cream for dessert
(the vanilla kind pumped with caramel swirls and lodged with chocolate-covered waffle cone bits)
out of an ugly ceramic tea/coffee cup whose handle has always been missing
then i get to slicing carrots, red cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce, garden arugula, cucumbers
arranging it in our large silver bowl for house consumption
then i get to frying the tofu in excessive spills of vegetable oil before sprinkling tamari and balsamic

M U S I C :
in the kitchen
i teach kaya her first guitar song
which happens to be the fist song i ever learned on guitar
the chords go like this:
D, A, G (repeat. repeat. repeat. etc.)
tricked into singing there is no time for nerves/ embarrassment

T O U R :
dan points to the flowering burgamensia tree
here’s our bee factory

L I G H T   &   C O L O R :
sun sneaks around the edge of bathroom window
illuminating white tiles and
moving through irises
(how light can do that sometimes. enter one edge of an iris and exit out the another)
this hazel is a bluegreygreen on orangebrown
this hazel clear and emanating
must be due to the wholebody happiness of
two (or more?) hours spent
with fingers/hands dug into dirt