earth-built body

there is everything to be said
but for now
let it be a cliff-edge overlooking the pacific
(pacific eternally too small a word for all that water)
the space between water horizon and sungold ball
(how we guess 15 minutes, 13, 22, 10, but ends up being more like 6 or 8 )
how a broken pair of sunglasses is enough to etch our four names into the wood of the
abandoned lifeguard stand
how i say
wouldn’t it be funny to hold out your thumb to the hanggliders as they
hang glide past?
as if they could stop
to pick us up
but mostly
the copper moving across water
(the water moving itself. slow motion from up here)
in a band
originating from the sun and ending on me
the kind of carpet kate and minna and gaston and akilah walked down
and they are out there (here) there
ocean infused and
alive and
offering themselves
not at my feet
but to the porous (reef-like) trabecular bone
housed inside compact bone
housed inside this
humbled and earth-built body