the inadvertent consumption of a doughnut

1. the inadvertent consumption
of a doughnut
what is no longer wanted is free
and what is free could kill you
but most likely not

2. it’s 9 o’clock in the morning
i sing/declare
in the slump of half-sleep silence

3. wen ling and i
like working with each other
because we like making magic

4. there are some things
we must double back to
like florida
like floorplans, orchestrations,  blueprints of suicide

5. you said forest floor
and i was thinking compost
which means
our psychic link
remains intact

6. there is a story
about a whole foods security officer
who insisted
on handcuffing
who insisted on walking the handcuffed through the store
who said
sit like a real lady
when the handcuffs prevented the handcuffed from sitting
in a straightbacked chair

7. todd
says he feels like the elephant
20 years old and
99.9% sure that we aren’t
todd tries artichoke
for the first time
teeth scraping ‘meat’ from scoop-shaped leaves
todd who boarded a train in the middle of the night
from cleveland ohio to san diego
6 months ago
do your parents know you are ok
i ask

8. david takes a different route
to make us tea

9. we all want to know the name
of the purple-flowering trees
exploding right now

10. today
a flurry of purple buds
lifted into air
by leaf blower
(leaf blower
most definitely a first world
[and incredulously ridiculous]

11. your highness
she says
i do believe you understand
water is approximately 72 per cent of each of our bodies
and therefore a mirror
a night sky full of rotating stars
every grain of sand as thirsty as my cells
a safety in numbers
a pride of lions

4 Replies to “the inadvertent consumption of a doughnut”

    1. smart ass.
      (in other words: THANK YOU! please be here with me now because there are SO MANY plants/flowers/trees here that i want to know the names of and i don’t yet!)

  1. number 2, i smiled as i read it and thought:
    i can imagine her singing that, i can almost hear it- even the tune
    only to laugh when i realized why it was familiar
    and remember that i appreciated it even then

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