tidal wave of academic overwhelm

caramels as sustenance
paragraphs as arguments
a sadness for all things that have left brought on by a boarding of the airport shuttle van

eight hours writing about
why your writing program should hire me
we create our own pedagogy

one tiny interaction across a coffee table couch
where she asks me if i am vegetarian
and says she’s trying to decide herself
but wants to know how to make the right decision

a sunset
like the kind of sunsets i remember for those commercials for that one tropical-themed theme park
just swath of orangepink
at the end of the block cul-de-sac dead end
with trees silhouetted against it
and bird wings open and lofty
silhouetted against that

you flying between here and minneapolis
with ramona quimby on your screen
and me
separating wet articles of clothing
portioning out clothespins
sets of socks
superman underwear
guestbed sheets
tshirts i don’t remember wearing because i’ve been wearing this lavender one with pink curliques for a week now
glad rags
in the san diego sun scorch
in approximatley 15 minutes

cafe cup water
tastes more like corrosive dishwashing chemicals
than water

how i have uncovered the importance of a
summer travel ally
just cuz i’m not married
doesn’t mean i can’t have a buddy too

and did i even mention
the sweetest tangerine from last weeks farmers market
for breakfast

or the rip in my jeanskirt insisting itself up my thigh

or the tidal wave of academic overwhelm
week 6 of 10
about to crest

and if all of you are out there
can you hear me
something like the lyrics to a dar williams song
i was out here listening all the time

and who
who will snap my thigh
my ribs
my chestplate back into place

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