stealth as fog

1. 10:30am
as if it didn’t rain once while i was gone
bright and bleeding through thin red curtains

2. four
ice cream parlor chairs
tucked around
a small square table
newest addition
to our front slab of concrete

3. from here
she tells me
about developmentally delayed brothers
were they born that way
i ask
she says
reminding me
that her father was a violent man

4. it’s difficult to pinpoint
the origin of the delays
she says
but he came down harder on the boys
you know
she says
because they were supposed to
not cry
be ‘real men’

5. that’s how i lost my hearing in my one ear
she says

6. in the kitchen
we discuss
how violence
contrary to popular belief
is the norm
but it’s harder to see the normness
since the norm of not talking about it
slips in first
stealth as fog in the quiet of night

7. and then there’s the fleet foxes
maple syrup for a voice
slipping out the speakers:
i don’t know what i have done
i’m turning myself
into a demon

8. a matchbook
commemorating solstice 2010
slips from a book
to night heat meets
morning heat

9. HUH chooooo
actual sound translation
muffled and rising through the floor

10. at bathtime
he said the name tyler
and the word dada
if i could send links via text messages
i would send you this

11. pad of paper
splayed open
on radiator