this is the closest to ritual we ever get

1. shannon rises
at least one hour
before me

2. sound of upstairs chairs
legs scraping overhead across floor
wood on wood

3. we write a daylist
fuller than actual time permits

4. for breakfast:
plus tangerine on the edge
sour colliding against pulpy sweet

5. yoga mats rolled under our arms
on a 15 minute walking tour
of neighborhood moss collections

6. heat cranked to 70something
in a room where brick gives way to whitewall
sliding opaque door separates front desk from studio
it isn’t until lilith rockett tells me to soften my heart
that for the first time
i lift up into
crow pose and balance there
knees pushed into upper arms
all the weight of my body
held up by  floorpressed hands

7. salad
on a bed of cold quinoa
dressing whisked together
(tahini, lime, mustard, olive oil, salt)
toasting lunch bowls
like one might toast wine glasses
the best meal
either of us have eaten
in years
harkening back
to cracking open macadamia nuts
between pavement and heavy rocks
in hawaii

8. you
in pinstripe gray suit
offering of tiny lavendar
the hook of your elbow
locking into
the hook of mine

9. 12th annual
portland solstice puppet show
warmth of winterfire
glowing in gut
while passing myself
from hug to hug
is the closest
to ritual
we ever get

10. how quickly
we forget
like the bp oil spill