1. 3something am
i undrape
under the hot weight of down blanket
spill forward
towards ten hours of work

2. collared shirt and overalls
climb back in
two more
warm seconds

3. feet harnessed into pedals
on blue-framed tobe
former warrior of chicago streets

4. scarfwrapped
and braking at 15th dekum
similarly layered
holds neon orange slow sign
calls out
happy holidays
through drops of
almost frozen rain

5. human and bike
into perfect machine

6. soula and i
split salmon hash
and cherry crepes
while shiz
opts for the tuna salad
and home-made tortilla chips
while the unfortunate story of a babyboy

7.  cursive
greek word agape
swirled and looped
into moleskine notebook
because we have been fundamental
in the forward movement
of each others creative process

8. downtownbound
shannon at the wheel
and announcing the approach of stuff day
(that one day
where people buy stuff
to give to other people they know)

9. soula
running towards closed traingate
bags bulging in hands
indiana jones moment
clock: 3:45
train departure: 3:50
it is the smallest

10. juniper
the 90 pound dog
her black white snout
by a one-pint icecream container

11. in dialogue
with language poetry
we announce
the new school
of number poets

12. the comedy of
planning for as much daylight as possible
for roadtrip day #1
on december 21st
winter solstice
day of shortest light
of the year

13. cat people run
and complete double rainbows
while full moon
slips behind gauze clouds
rendering solstice eclipse

14. shannon
blue hoodied and pointing to a full color photo
of a little big burger