gathering momentum towards and army of lovers

1. in your dream
we were at a gay youth retreat
you showing me why bodies are important
sound of meanboys down the hall
in your palmpressed hands

2. wishes
sent along the digital telegraph
may your day be filled
with the opposite
of suburban terror

3. single fingernail scratch
red and disinfected
down  the slope between nose and cheek
and a finger
that points tirelessly
to the truck
the schoolbus
his feet
the moon

4. light switch
pulled away from wall
gray wires looped out

5. strip of purpleorange
pulled across horizon
bare branched trees as silhouettes

6. milwaukee airport dropoff
exhuast and breath visible in air
we’re proud of you for going back to school
furthering your education
and sticking with it even when it’s hard
he says

and maybe this is the only moment
since this whole MFA affair began
i’ve been hoping for

7. sign
hanging from tiled ceiling
just past security checkpoint:
recombobulation area

8. shoeshine stand study
armchairs: blue leather riveted to dark wood
perched on diamond tread pedestal
this one’s for you, sledge

9. no pay per view programming
flight attendant says

thank god i think
better get my book man in 8e says
reaching for overhead bin

10. from aisle seat 12d
through small section of window
orange sequin streetlights
glittering in a grid below

11. slipping through timezones
at 30.000
gathering momentum towards
an army of lovers
in a mossgreen city

12. baggage claim #6
scarfwrapped and pajamalayered

13. bottomburnt peanut butter cookies
platepiled in kitchen counter

14.  it is one thing
for the clock to tell us
what time it is
it is another thing
getting our  tangled bodies
to listen