the quiet of anne frank waiting in her attic

i’m writing in a poem-a-day blog with some of my fellow ucsd mfa mates. (hopefully new/different things than i am writing in the detail collecotr)
you can find our blog here

1. hand-me-down dumptruck transformer
newspaper wrapped
teal bow tied

2. elijah
age six
from elf to boy

3. isaiah
tosses hullabaloo game tiles
down on wood floor
not too close to the christmas tree
the winner
with their feet on the elephant tile
is instructed
to do a funky dance

4. izzy reads aloud
chapter seven from
from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler
writes a summary

with her four color pen
and in her discussion points
she compares
the two characters waiting
in the quiet of the museum pharoah tomb
to the quiet of anne frank
in her attic

5. veronica
age 11
leads me on a tour
of her bookshelf
and i bring home book one
in the warriors series
(four clans of cat warriors
in turmoil
in the forest)

6. chris and i
on the first floor
while above us
five bodies breathe in and out
of sleep

7. flat screen tv
diagonal in living room
weatherman points
to a map i know really isn’t there
twenty eight degrees
the weatherman says
this is going to be our warm day

8. you have reached your destination
tom=tom the new gps tells us

in dad’s hands
on the couch
i ask if he’s broken the news
of this replacement
to magellan yet
(tom-tom vs. magellan
tom-tom wins)