handfuls of cotton candy

1. the image of coffee
in its mug
in the tampa wind
talk of storms in the east
and i wonder
what storms look like

2. you told your mom
that people don’t understand
that women
can be gentlemen too

3. not even noon
and already hot enough
for sleevelessness
tree rolls by
roped down onto car
windows rolled open
(a companion detail
to the strings of lights
and lawn ornaments
while sprinklers
water the lawn)

4. tossing sequins
over erik’s bike
when breaking a small bottle of champagne
over the frame
is potentially too dangerous

5. you are good
at ceremonies
caroline says
post sequin moment

6. i want to shout
go get em slugger!
or something similarly encouraging
but watch
as you
white tshirt
black spandex
red frame
pedal north
fully loaded
from near
to far
like that sesame street skit

7. fuschia tank top
sun sliding over shoulders
official temperature: 84 degrees
real feel: 89
another san diego first
on a summerfeeling day
on december twelfth)

8. five dollar smoothie
like a toddler with a juice bottle
sucking on straw
while wandering the market

9. sambusa sunday:
this time, two spinaches
and one spicy lentil
with napkins
into a white paper pastry bag

10. crouched
over kids books
beige carpeting under knees
second storey thrift store
on university ave

11. stepping over the grey trunk
of a downed palm tree
leaves almost
broken through
was it
my san diego stormwonderings
that brought it down?

12. a hug
travels the transcontinental express
via rocky the noseless bear
and a flattened puffalump mousie

13. someone
grabbed handfuls
of cotton candy
and pasted it up
in the sky
this doesn’t translate
in the photo
but i send it anyway

14. holding up
mental pictures
of yesterday’s
tijuana canyon shanty towns
to today’s
paved streets
room the size of a house
white toilet full of clean water
stall after stall of oranges greens and reds of
local organic produce
fixed and obedient
though most of me
still cannot give it language