powerUp, MFA’s. we got this shit down.

1. with full tires
and sun
diffused and forgiving
might be the day
of conquering
this new set of streets

2. i observe a snack of
cool ranch chips
and doctor pepper

3. transitioning
from marx’s essay on estranged labor
(where labor alienates humans from themselves on several levels)
to talking about
how the 50th anniversary edition of ginsberg’s howl
is cheapest
plus free shipping
from amazon

4. which is to say
don’t be confused
i also bought books
from amazon
cringing the whole time
and asking
my favorite independent feminist not-for-profit bookstore back home
to forgive me

5. first
i teach jennifer
the secret powerup handshake
in the fern and concrete-lined courtyard
i teach it to allie
leaning against hallway walls
on the first floor

the secret handshake
like a public service announcement
to the mfa class of 2012

powerUp MFA’s
we got this shit down

6. the root
of the word
derives from
the greek word for uterus
because once
someone decreed
that the uterus detached
from it’s place
in the woman’s body
and when that uterus went wandering
all hysterical hell
broke loose

7. the farce
of such grandiosity

8. from hand to hand
we pass around a loofah
we pass around a pink eraser

9. it’s been said
the piling-on of adjectives
is a sign of weak writing

10. for the fourth time today
the word footnotes
comes up
and all of a sudden
i am fascinated
a distant relative
of the catalogue.)

11. tomorrow
we enter
a new relationship
with water
sometimes chlorinated
sometimes salted

12. last night
the gaffers
were bang on
sounding train whistles
in two cities
at once
and then
the same
with ambulence/police/fire sirens
but tonight
with my head in the pantry
they’re taking a break

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