the moon rising huge and lopsided in both of our cities

1. in the name of the archive and busted phones
i send
and re-send

2. in the name of bending the space-time continuum
i am
on felice’s porch
yellow raspberries on the tips of my fingers
like beanies
the needles
laid out and waiting
the black nitrile gloves
in a metal tin

3. i switch out tennis shoes for sandals
and opt for crumbling yellow sand stone
instead of the wooden steps

4. negative ocean ions
releasing themselves
at our ankles
with each crash of crested wave

5. giving myself over
to tidal pullings
i wash
into shore
this trust
deeper than bone

5. two san diego transplants
from brooklyn
and portland, or
laid out on the beach
moss green one piece
black top pink bottoms
identities of what we aren’t
rather than what we are

6. and then we discover
our desire to lapswim
our overlapped activist histories
her adventurous leanings
luring me out of
my tiny fears

7. a.m. arrives
bright blue
and three pages long
the pumpkin brew chronicles

8. jp
new work in hands
spanish like velvet
in his mouth

9. lester’s niece
legs dangling from bench
drawing out three kinds of balloons:

10. homecoming
in five parts:
oceansalt on skin
thomas’s gentlesweet brilliance
the imperfections of a d.i.y. independent art space
family to family hugs from lester and jp
the moon rising huge and lopsided in both of our cities

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