pocketpals to infinity

1. i wake
to a sunspilled bed
filled with books
and a bear
that wears a handkerchief

2. stirring
almond slices
and fresh-cut pear
into waffle batter
just after i stir in the cinnamon
and nutmeg

3. after a morning
of time management struggle
and tripping into the endless pit of the internet
i try
while alleywalking
saying nice things to myself
it feels so much softer to say
are doing a good job
look! you are pulling through
in a strange new place
you are finding your way

than to listen to the usual remorse
how i haven’t done anything
or how i’m using my time badly or wasted it altoghter

4. pink nalgene
to the top plus ice
with herbal berry tea

5. richard and i
pick up where we left off
last friday
i tell him about wisconsin
and he asks why i don’t have an accent

6. piano sounds
spilling out the open doors
of trinity united methodist church
as i walk past

7. zach
places the keys
white white black white black white white
into his piano project
while i listen to classical music
on what i thought was public radio
and slice

8. igotyou yougotme
pocketpals to infinity
around mindight is when we’ll gather
to create the clapping portion
of this handshake song

9. an ache
for every joint
but especially
my ankles

10. kaya and i
do our best
to emulate the 1930’s
we make do with what we’ve got
a tie
a vest
some boots
a skirt
and fishnet tights

11. sometime
i want to throw a party
that emulates your dream:

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