the sound of bells carried on air

1. at seven
i wake
calculating mental math
and geometry
arranging desks and lofts and plants and altars
against walls
in patches of sun
tucked in corners around the door
but before that
i must have woke
at 6something
and saw the sunrisespilled clouds
pink puffs in a blue sky
and told your open eyes to turn
and take all that softness in

2. after the gray dissipates
we walk
following several versions of mapquest directions
to the post office
and walgreens
sidewalk discoveries include:
succulents times ginormous
a trail of grey and black feathers
two fake plastic bluegreen mapleshaped leaves

3. at the thrift store on university
where the young pretty-eyed man
gives us each a student discount
and responds
when asked
what the best thing to do in san diego is
he also says
i’ve been feeling pretty domestic lately
i just like to go home and do the dishes
and things like that

we also learn about a place called
library hill
and another named mount helix

4. i have discovered
if you stop moving and talking enough
on the o’clocks, quarter afters, half pasts and quarter tils
you will catch the sound of bells
carried on air
around you

5. we bring phoebe
a pharmacy
of laughter
and elderberry
while replaying the obliques versus deltoids deltoids wins jokes

6. for the first time
in six years
i drop off a canister of film
hours later
we open the time capsule
right there at the counter
and find shannon
hanging out the window
of a secondstory squirrelship window
four years ago

7. in the parking lot
where you are careful
not to shine yr lights
into the car across the way
where others
face us
and waiting to pull out

8. i was born by a river
otis sings us
on our way home
after your americano and my banana scone
change has got to come
there was a time
i would go to my brother

9. you tell me
you saw stars
when you walked out to the truck
and i respond
you mean, you can see stars in this city?

10. dear bedbugs:
don’t even fucking think about it.