the best way to manipulate time

1. 5something a.m.
some part of me
is taking in
an uncapturable sunrise
plus bright white moon

2. dreams:
rolan, ami and i
a farm
someone limps up the steps
while someone goes for a walk in the back field
and enters a conversation
with the neighbor

i ask you to come over
then send you home
this is our first argument

for the first day of school
i choose
the bluebrown boots

3. random array
of goods
stashed like gold
in work freezer:
two packages of (what would you do for a) klondike bars
and a box of hebrew national brand beef franks in a blanket

4. krissy
bringer of healing leaves
during the changing
of the guard

5. it is not dinner
but banana bread
goes well
with cough away tea

6. maroon blur
and that voice
yelling out a window
headed east
while i

7. four glass cups
filled with heat
to skin
along shoulder blades
while i lay
face down
each deep breath
moving the glasses towards each other

8. discovering
the difference
september 2nd
and september 23rd
(the best way
to manipulate time
is to lie to yourself
about due dates
and deadlines)

9. for dinner
xavier cooks
black beans
lacinato kale with mushrooms
garnished with lime
and avocado

10. the kind of sky
that breaks your heart
all day
from sunrise
to dusk

11. the living room
a sea of prints
x-acto knives
and mat board
in the middle

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