the first strawberry/two griefstories

1. water
dribbling down chin
onto chest
to summer heat

2. sun soaked garden tour
garlic scapes
leaving marks
on biceps

3. the first strawberry
and a sampling
of snap peas
chewing through

4. orange wedges
in bowl
on hands
in mouth
under sun

5. in this song
bring out the words
i’ve never heard before

4. get yer boots
out of the closet, boy
put em on
and shine em in my sheets

5. a ghosttrip
to mt. mitchell
with unnamed roads
and unmarked turns

6. two griefstories
atop a beetquilt
one involving
the heartbreak
of family and distance
and one involving
the heartbreak
of a young death
of something so right

7. endeared
by the feyest waitor
at chabba thai
while the sun sinks
in the west

8. front seat
and delirious
i hold
in my hands
and get to take one
with me

9. i didn’t mean
to look
this nice

says black sweater
to red tshirt #31
a backporch

10. four chapters
relief comes
when geryon
and his mom
about the empty fruitbowl

11. constellations of word stars
shining in paragraphs
lead me to the window
in search of
gold moon rising

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