you are a luminous flipbook underneath the loincloth moon

1. kitchen counter
with excess condiments
barbeque sauce
sweet and sour light orange sugar syrup

2. ryder
frying turkey bacon
stirring grits
and aiming
for over-easy eggs

3. backporch breakfast
secret garden style
followed by
a banana hammock-hanging dessert

4. corinne
leaning into porch posts
while the drill
whines into wood

5. afloat
in a banana peel
over a sea of fresh mint
with a side of blooming lilies
a moment of summer lounge softness
corinne and i
and breathing

6. holding middle fingers overhead
in a double fuck-you
to the military jets
splitting sky
at such decibals
all conversation
is rendered

7. my room
a bermuda triangle
of to-do lists
and intentions

8. a strip of post-sunset gold
rising up
behind the edge of
forest park
(what was once known
as the tualatin mountains)

9. trickster time
starring in the great battle
of expandcollapse
when what feels like 11:30 pm
is really 2 am

10. the introduction
of an already existing
drag persona:
perry homo
and the birth
of a new one:
evan essence

11. you
are a luminous flipbook
a loincloth moon

12. a tiny taste
of steel diamond plate
my knees

13. the cacophony
of two sets of rattling lungs
morning-colored light

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