the elf queen held me captive

1. marea
runs food
while also
running a fever
does not exist

2. corinne
tells me
about an encounter
with the smallest boa constricter
while my lungs
shake out
the largest rattlesnake sound

3. wild cherry bark syrup
one tablespoon at a time
soothing and burning
as it goes down

4. saltwater eyes
when i talk about
the gutting
of wanting
to leave you things
like flowers
like loomings
like my handwriting
at your doorstep
and knowing
i am

5. summer sweat
at the backs
of my knees

6. the danger
of eating a cherry
like a miniature plum
and reserving its juice
for lipstick

7. the suprising
of a cherry pit
from my mouth

8. i told my table
the elf queen
held me captive

she said
they understood.
you are forgiven

9. red wings
to wood
and hidden
under a coat

10. panic
over eggdrop soup
about having to arrange
for my own stand in
when there is no such thing
as calling in sick