briny sea slippers / dear sugarcrash

1. in the dream
you told me
i only had
one minute

in the dream
we waterwalk
in briny sea slippers
in the dream
my sister points out
three instances
where all she can see
is someone else’s

in the dream
a man with orange hair
and carhartts
sings through a soft smile
a fiddle
tucked under his chin

in the dream
there was no mention
of the hemorrhage
one mile below
the water’s surface

2. one sun salutation
eight slices of orange in a red bowl
elbow propped and reading
for 10 minutes
the grease pit of doom
also known
as the vita cafe

3. dear four o’clock,
this week
you cannot arrive

4. photo document
of june snow
and the blooming
of purple stormclouds
sent via satellite
to the dishpit

5. richard and i
the alarming rate of sales and consumption
of the great isotonic beverage:
coconut water

6. two teal-wrapped chocolates
at the checkout counter

7. eight million versions of me
mostly in the form of text
blizzarding to meet you

8. ann marie
open armed
backyard running
to greet
this cold dusk downpour
in a pink

9. below me:
shower water
and two voices
the multi-colored
worldmap shower curtain

10. dear sugarcrash
dear june winter rain
dear five day work marathon,
i blame this exhaustion
and longing
on you