slicing through sky

1. morning flower magic
holding off the clouds
long enough
for me to sleep in late
and still wake
to floorspilling sunpatch

2. roundback plow
i love you
more than language
in ears)

3. navel oranges
when you are sweet
and technicolor
i love you more
than language
(slice by slice
devouring you
like a drumstick
of medieval times)

4. corinne’s hands
on the ache
of my arm

5. an ode
to portland alleys:
thank you
for neglected raspberries
overlooked concord grapes
orange calendula flowering
outside of the fence

6. discovering
a soundbite from
my 1999
during the great
mixed tape
listening sessions

7. the ocean
in my back pockets
pushpull force

8. an overhead projector
with overlays
of handprints
mapping out
a collective
the crisscross
of every lover
folded into

9. i ask chane
if he felt himself
splitting into two people
before he left town
(the one with knotted roots
left behind
in the rainforest
the one
with feathers
slicing through sky)

10. calling out blessings
on the daily
to the
stand of poplar trees
across the street
where freshturned earth
and tornadoed-looking houses
are being transformed
an athletic field

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