we mark important dates into calendars

1. location: backyard gayzebo
those present: six brontosaurii
sounds heard: forks clinking against green cuisine plates
hand activiated
in the stillness
of early evening

2. we mark
important dates
(last day of job
last day of class
leaving for surgery
first day of class
tentative reading at cathedral park
coming home)
into calendars

3. plastic
hello kitty stamp
disguised as a ring
on shannon’s finger

4. three of us
like gossipy housewives
watching after lola
taking off on a motorcycle
headed south

5. somewhere
on bryant
west of williams
i happened to look up
and found
one of those very trees
huge and blooming surprising tropical flowers
in neon orange and creamyellow
that smell bananasweet
and whose leaves
look just like any other
and unassuming

6. the novelty
of riding home
without my raincoat
the glory
of air
almost the same temperature
as body
and the ease
with which
i move through

7. home and laying
in the wrong direction
i fall asleep
around midnight
with clothes
and lights
still on