the monumentality of august

1. found:
one triple a battery

2. red-shafted northern flicker
on ground
and in flight
second sighting
in two days
each time
i catch
my breath

3. i go running
because the hips
finally allow

4. one thing
that will never
lose its magic/charm:
tree roots
pushing slabs
of concrete sidewalk
up into uneven

5. coming
to understand
the monumentality
of august
of 1500 miles

6. exacto knife
cutting mat
cracker box cardboard
glue stick
and an alphabet
of rubber stamps

7. waiting
in the sellwood sushi line
inspired by a  hummingbird
lola explains
why birds on electric wires
don’t get electrocuted
because they’re not grounded

8. the tiniest deck
of tarot cards
spilled on tabletop
i pull
the empress

9. train whistle
sound moving  south
towards the red light
at 15th and dekum

10.  the way
sweetness can burn
on bread
with peanut butter)