i ask about the history of a torn miniscus

1. dreams:
noah sends warning
of badgeless bike cops
ready to take
bikers/organizers down
i circumnavigate
best i can

at a gathering
where everyone is dressed
as a tarot card of their choosing
most of us end up wearing black and white
and a comic artist
is on my lap
kissing my chocolate mint mouth

2. eight a.m.
biking past
the barricaded block
and unmarked squad cars
where the big boys play
cops and robbers
at police training
a shuddert
a shiver
and a mutter
about what a fucking waste of money
in a town
for cops
who kill
unarmed citizens
of color
until even the reverend jesse jackson himself
pays a visit
to speak against
their actions

3. right arm
and light brown
with bruises
yellow sweat band
serving as
wrist brace

4. nine am
while i am
flour dusted and
cutting biscuits
are loading up a truck
with your mattress
your loomings
your cat
on duboce avenue

5. starlings
and shining
in the top of the green leafed tree with white blooms
on my way
to the walk-in

6. another shudder/shiver combination
on page A6
of the new york times
telling me
about the bodies
of 21 babies
in plastic bags
in a river
in jining

7. in front porch sun
on a long distance call to wisconsin
i ask
about the history
of a torn miniscus

8. a voicemale from ashland oregon
telling me
about radio channels
there’s no such thing
as cave men or fish

9. a text
from corvallis
how can we cause such destruction
with a sky like that?

10. carrot in the drivers seat
while corinne drinks her limons
and the moon
shows itself
despite its ginormity
through parted clouds
to the top
of a cool night sky