the many forms of a crescendo

1. waking
dance sore
and tired sad
chicago and san diego
warming up
in the boxing ring

2. two devotees
gather on a bench
at the softball/kickball field
and begin
with bodies of water

3. there must be a word for it
i say
when we talk about
and how it holds history
and the act
of returning
twelve years later

4. a double tauriian
the many forms
of a crescendo
including weather patterns
and contact

5. plane
carvingĀ  a path
across cloudbreak
blue and sun
spilling out

6. yelling
we love you
at the sun
through curtains
of the lightest spring rain

7. when i guess
3:12 pm
i am only an hour off

8. things measured in increments of 40 years:
your mom smoking unfiltered pall malls
my dad working m-f 8-4

8. lifted from ground
there is a fence
looming close behind
the art
of tension

9. a study
of the balance
between ruthlessness
and intimacy

10. second time
in a week
someone has leaned out
their car window
while driving by
to vomit verbal patriarchy:
and i am sorry
that they are suckers enough
to accept/perpetuate
this inheritance
of hate

11. calling on the gold and star sapphire powers
of the sludge-be-gone potion
there is work
to be done

12. sock puppets
speaking in pig latin
on a cardboard stage
this is one way
to engage
in the hard
and important