the reservoir of hopefulness

1. dream:
maybe it was new york
and i pretended not to see
the mouse running along the back wall
and maybe
significant people
were involved
on the fringes
of birthday party dress-ups
and maybe i asked
don henley’s boy of summer
how you’ve been

2. front and back doors
swung wide open
inviting in
slices of sun
and hyacinth-scented air

3. twelve ounces of clear-mind tea
translating sun into
gold light refracting
across hand scrawled paper

4. a motorcycle
with leather panniers
red, shiny and quiet
i draw

5. chelsea
in tea shop courtyard
horizontal sunglasses stripes
vertical shirt stripes

6. i do not know
how to hold to uphold extended conversations
with people
in sunglasses

7. corinne
on the tellie
live and direct
from mountain time zone
where breakups
are threatened daily
as a joking reminder
of impermanence
if you keep making that sound
i’m going to break up with you.
if you keep talking about breaking up with me
i’m going to break up with you.

8. faith
in her kitchen
talking about the reservoir
of hopefulness
after she says
nothing is a given
(except for death)

9. the woman who brought us
the samosas
papdi chaat
and the non-traditional cashew dish
must have called us ladies
at least 12,000 times

10. nautical treahouse installation
complete with
life savers
blue green glitter
and seagulls circling

11. my fingers telling my heart stories
your cheekbones
the space above your eyebrows
your beard