welcome back blood and backache

1. phone calls
from the home office
where we eventually end up
discussing the distinctions
and nuances
of kitchen topping/kitchen bottoming/ the kitchen switch

2. the morning grapefruit
on the warming up porch
in the early afternoon

3. the cooldown walk
along lombard
vinyl-sided house
after vinyl-sided house

4. kari in copper velvet dress
in the kitchen
chopping red cabbage

5. please pass the
sweet potato fries
three kinds of brie
massaged kale salad
roasted eggplant/red pepper spread

6. at the mention of carrot cake
into consciousness
across time
there is something
about carrot cake
i used to know

sifting this information
out of the burial site
like recovering
from last nights

7. naomi’s year in review.
the moment
where she breaks it down
about the power
of hair
how changing it
can call
parts of us out
that have been buried for years

8. tonight
is the second night
in a week
that detroit
was mentioned
at a table
after dinner

9. cherry pear pie
and vanilla ice cream drowned

10. someone mentions
the highlander center
in tennessee
and a 500 square foot room
with rocking chairs

11. welcome back
blood and backache
we missed you

12. it is the image of you
turning the fancy light
spilling gold
over one of bob’s favorite paintings
and off
every night
that brings me to the saltwet

13. two a.m.
what i first think is fratparty noise
ends up being
a halfcircle of coyotes
five feet from the house