lives hinging on change

1. triangle pose
at 9am
arm arrowed toward skylight
where seagull carves its whitewing path

2. rooibos chai
in gold mug

3. curry spiced potatoes
overeasy eggs with cheddar
collards with earth flavor of burdock
sun on face at kitchen window
the gender dynamics
of front and back of house
and everytime
has been surprised
to discover
that when i say i work at restaurant
i work in the kitchen.
i don’t tell them
about hauling half my weight
in potatoes
and buckets of tofu
i don’t tell them about peeling carrots so fast
my arm is a blur
i don’t tell them about
the weight of metal soup pots
so big
i could crawl inside

but i could
if i wanted to grind it into consciousness

4. relative
to the slow wave of forgiveness:
followed by a glass of water
with a teaspoon
of himalyan salt

5. bike tires rolling over new cracks
portland streets i’ve never been
and i marvel
at how small
i allow
my world
to become

6. shiz and i
in the produce
in the cheese aisle
in the cracker aisle
at the sidewalk tables
with silke
and a banana peel
(involved in two consecutive jokes)
on our bikes
headed east
and if this is the only way
we get to see each other
during the busy busy
of lives hinging on change
while it is not ideal
it is chance
and i’ll take it

7. 60 year old man
who reminds me of my dad
within 2o years of monogamous marriage
talks about radical honesty
two years into
exploring mono-polyamory
if this is not heartmelt material
i don’t know what is

8. reports of a dream:
artist community
crimson wall writing the future
westbound trains

9. a nightwish
for your rowing arms
so that by morning
(your arrival in the rainforest)
they will not be sore