about the butchering

dear readerly folks,
i’m branching out.
the detail format is expanding
shape shifting….

it’s still about the details
just perhaps less about the list.

tell me what you think.

you don’t need to know this
but i’m telling you anyway:
i cried three times

front yard
blue chair
gathering sun into hungry skin
pen to paper
writing across a great expanse
tightening some heart stitches
unraveling others

in short sleeve tshirt
after collecting all that front porch sun
two coconut haystacks in my stomach
bed splayed
natalie’s hand in mine
the stories
that insist
on repeating themselves
about recklessness
about amnesia
about the butchering

velvet theater seat
popcorn hands
acts of paperless bravery
(you must see this documentary)
narrated on screen
and connections
that make my brain hurt
in a good way
the legacy of racism
the insdustry of deportations
families fragmented
if you cut each of us/any of us
there is blood

and then there’s this:

i have been obsessed
with these photos
of china’s 60th anniversery of communism
but the best one is on the actual cover
of the friday oct 2nd new york times
and i can’t find it anywhere on the internerd…







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