abundance, not the word, but the experience

1. back porch yoga
mason jar of water
tank-topped shoulders sun-warmed
skin tomato-scentend
green beans and sungolds in hands and basket
scrubbing kitchen to a shine
i’m coming home
i’m coming home
i’m coming home

2. hummingbird in stillness and flight
entering field of sound before field of vision

3. split cherry tomatoes
for unresponsive chickens
an aviary post traumatic stress disorder

4. endless tale
of tupperware cupboard chaos
and the determination
of dismantling

5. snack plates on turning table
goat gouda
best avocado this year
red peppers
green beans
mammoth orange heirloom in slices
moss green couch
lifting shiz and i up

6. coconut water toast
eye contact made

7. voyage
into the sadness
from shore and back
something about rural missouri
something about this culture of loneliness
something about looking far into the future
as one might look into the sun
hand as visor

8. molly
in clean kitchen
two pans, one pot on stove
paneer and green beans
yogurt tomato sauce
brown rice
an offering

9. grocery bags
with back yard pears
and plums
visions of  huge pots of boiling water
and mason jars
lifted carefully down into them

10. abundance
not the word
but the experience

10. tire squeals
etching audio map
of the neighborhood
into cranium

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