syncrhonized bodies entering water

[please note; i am catching up and adding old posts as well as current ones. slowly slowly catching up.]

1. dream:
highway motion
discovery of people and place
careless details of swelling and back yards
back seat, talking with hands
awake with anger and curses
voice sandpapered from sleep yelling

2. digital missives
locked with golden key
the story goes:
amnesia stole your heart for ransom

3. valencia orange
sliced into 8 pieces
dripping down free hand
while the other holds phone to ear

4. late
always late
but i couldn’t resist
plucking ripe sungolds
and green beans
for riverside snacks

5. these arms of mine
new seasons parking lot
how good it feels
to have you cheering me on
from the same time zone

6. iced peach tea sample
compostable cup
pausing in the time warp zone
things i want to buy simply because of their packaging

7. synchronized
bodies entering water
at the count of three
[after three, not on three]

8. taking shoes off
to walk along downed trees
how feeling the curve of their stripped trunks beneath me
allows for balance

9. long after the sun has left us
rocks offer up its warm memory
radiant heat
is a miraculous thing

10. spilling off gravel road
[where shiz takes the pot holes fast]
into sunset
i need a hero
this vehicle is not roomy enough
for dramatic dance gestures

11. i’ve had a beautiful life
jasper tells me
and a big part of that has come out of struggle

12. anger moves in
like thunder from across the lake

13. cricket chorus
cutting through thick night