running away, then running back even faster

1. best couch sleep i’ve ever had
dancing rabbit dreams:
planner with phone # 111.111.111 little 1, call me
one last raspy sissysigh
running away
then running back even faster

2. 120 messer street
how joanna holds me
strong in her muscle-and-bone arms

3. car stereo soundtrack
highway between providence and beach
marked by ice cream stands
this woman’s work

4. red tide at horseneck beach/west port town beach/secret beach
colored pencil sketch: mason jar
saltwatered cheeks awash in saltwatered waves

5. seagulls in the business of pilfering
tortilla chips

6. the joy
of four heads
bobbing on water surface

7. relic of a trainbridge
in the case of more solid footing

8. moments
suspended over
brown gray river
how half the hurt
is letting go of the dream

9. a town so old
its sidewalks
are thick
with spirits

10. three smokestacks
rising into
orange mist of night
corrine, art, me
car dancing

11. it’s the evening walk
over broken sidewalks
some porches empty
some porches occupied
that makes me fall in love
with this city
leaning houses
and brick
new orleans
whispering: live in me.