grieving you while you are still here

1. mintstache
bodies suspended in strong net
over herb garden
mint and basil in the air

2. hijacked lupine seed pods
stowed away
in back jeanskirt pocket

3. tiny cabin of shelves
lined with water-filled mason jars
art breaking me open
over and over again
another two layer moment
the second layer being:
if the dream was still ours,
we’d laugh
about a glam-rock wedding
commitments spoken among mason jars
walls of white paper tacked up

4. scones
scrambled eggs
strawberry jam
front porch sun
wheat bombed stomachs pulling us down

5. le jardin
oversized adorondack chair
everyone takes photos here
pink puff flowers
installation garden of cabins
each one dedicated to things i love

6. afloat in the chill of sea salt
body carried by waves

7. heartache
lodged into every second
of the countdown

8. theory’s golden dog body
swimfloating and happy
huge branch in smiling mouth

9. four more days
of this grieving you
while you are still here

10. mister connelly
passed out on front porch
one am