we taste the words before we say them

1. ali
brings steaming bowls of food to the table
it is good to be in her home

2. a reminder
of how downpours
bring in the cool

3. 5am text message wakeup
sky turning light
outside square of basement window

4. slipping smooth stone into back pocket
it’s the only thing i can really do

5. motorbike obstacle course
bright orange triangles/cones
on rainwet pavement
exiting wellund, ontario

6. gas station
passenger seat
how many more times
between now and goodbye
i will get to watch you
thick bodied
tanned limbs
browngold tiger eyes

7. we taste the words
before we say them
broken up
breaking up

8. how thought occurs in layers
how i dig through them
like an archeologist
tagging them with numbers.
#9345u94 rearranging life layout
#3593405 your catalog of thoughts
#49f89e8 how long it’s been since you’ve left a mark on my body
#548995 yes, there is relief

9. express lanes
collector lanes
ontario highway 401

10. i suggest a finale
[fireworks. parade.]
rather than finality

11. timmy horton’s
french in milo’s mouth at cash register

12. long kilometers stretched between
toronto and metis
so delirious
from 12 car hours
that i am laughing again
an ancient sound
and we are in each others arms
pressed to each others mouths
another ancient ritual
magic working itself
through the conduits
of these bodies

13. lemon ginger tea
white refrigerator holding me up