oh, and we carried it off so well

1. sufjan stevens
soundtrack along university avenue
downtown toronto

2. recollections of sweet sleep
my limbs draped over
the warm home of your body
my hands on your heartbeet

3. carnivale
along the freeway
gold purple
blue silver
motion of celebration

4. newly constructed memory:
sharing family backgrounds
across wyoming/south dakota
through reflective orange
construction obstacle course in the night

5. missed the boat by modest mouse
oh, we carried it off so well
school bus full of gorgeous kids moms and dads
on one side
missisagua fire engines
screaming through
on the other

6. two traffic jams
two cities
two countries
in two days

7. blueberry slowly rising to surface
sangria on alli’s back porch

8. welland, ontario
stories of midwifery
stretch and sweep
don’t move the bed
make your hands into fists
and hold them underneath your hips

9. hello lake ontario
even in a skyway traffic jam
you still look glitter gorgeous

10. three candles flickering
flame through red glass
cemetary drive by
cool of wendy’s frosties on our tongues

11. uncovering the truth:
the only way
i can continue to honor you/me/us
is to let go

12. how we began
in someone else’s bed
in someone else’s city
how we ended
in another someone else’s bed
in another someone else’s city

13. visceral
how this body
burying and unburying
layers built up,  layers carved away
dusty breath rising from demagnetized solar plexus